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If you can't get to the game Bolton Nuts can get the game to you. The drop to the Championship has brought with it an alarming lack of online streaming football which has shell-shocked many fans of Bolton Wanderers. And whilst we can't give you a video stream we will be introducing extended highlights of every match. But if you just have to follow the game live you can join us on our live interactive chatbox where our host will guide you through the action.
It is live text commentary like you have never seen before! If you have ever tried to keep an eye on the game by following the BBC live text then you will know how bad it is "Mark Davies gets a yellow card for unsporting behaviour" doesn't tell you anything about how the game is panning out, does it? We like to think our live text is a little more entertaining...

"Bolton passing the ball well across the middle of the park, left to right. Mark Davies finds Eagles". 
"Eagles beats his man and whips in a cross."
"Davies is lurking at the far post..."
"Header goalwards....."

"Drops just wide of the far post"
"Great move by Bolton. Really starting to turn up the heat now"

So, if you can't get to the game, can't find a live stream, and are unable to listen to it on the radio, think of Bolton Nuts Live Commentary. Join us here 10 mins before kick off! 
We are the fourth emergency service!

Click Here to see the live commentary (the commentary box will appear on that page approx 10 mins prior to kick off)

Blackpool V Bolton Live Video Stream

More info: 
The live commentary window will be available throughout the match. If a live video stream can be found for the game it will be publicised on the commentary feed. 
The live commentary feed appears as a chatbox on the forum page of the fans forum. It has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few weeks especially for away games. Some have described it as "as good as being at the game"!
Anyone who joins the commentary will also be able to air their own un-moderated comments and chat with the group, it's a great socialising tool for fans!



11/11/2012 07:43

This is a brilliant idea because Tower FM do not commentate on away games. Credit to BoltonNuts. Count me in.

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